Your booty don’t need explaining…

duluth boudoir photographer mad chicken studio booty shot

I feel like I need to explain this image a little…. isn’t that sad?!  I posted this image in my Facebook VIP group, and it was instantly popular {duh! it’s stunning!}.  The comments on the image were “If only my booty looked like that” or “maybe someday when I lose weight”.  Well, I have a story about this image.

This is the booty of my best friend, Cassie.  We are actually on a weight loss journey together.  Neither one of us are at our goal weight, but we have never felt so good in all of our lives.  I convinced Cassie that she needs to come in for a boudoir session, for herself.  My goal, as with every girl, was to make her feel amazing… because, as with every girl, she deserves it!

When it came time for the booty shot, she wasn’t sure, she didn’t think that her’s would look good.  I would say that 99% of girls feel this way.  Heck, I have zero behind what-so-ever.  I have been squatting like a mad woman and have very little shape to it!

I always here the “are you sure?”… “will you photoshop it?”

To answer these questions… YES I am sure, and NO I will not Photoshop it!  “Your booty don’t need explaining”, and it looks freaking amazing!  Trust me, I can see it head on, can you?  No?  So really you don’t get an opinion in this ;).  It is all in the posing.  You see, my friend Cassie did not believe that her butt looked this good, she believes now and is still talking about how amazing her session was and how her booty looks :).  At this point, she has only seen two of her session images, and she is a walking testimonial… what girl does not want to feel that amazing?

This post isn’t to talk about how great of a photographer I am… it is a post for women to stop being so dang hard on themselves and embrace what they have… because honestly, it looks better than you think it does!  Does that help?  If not, let me prove you wrong 😉