moment monday

I still remember when Andy proposed to me, like it was yesterday.  It is one of those events in life that no one forgets. Whether you have talked about it, gone ring shopping together, or had no idea… it is always a surprise when it happens.  It is one thing to talk about it, but when it actually happens… when it becomes official, and you go from just dating, to engaged and planning a wedding… it is completely surreal.  Then you find yourself weirdly staring at your hand for an endless amount of time, am I right?

There are a couple of things that are completely awesome about getting to photograph such an important life event.  First is being able to see the nerves of the person proposing, leading up to the actual proposal.  And second, and most obvious, is the reaction from the proposal.  It is that moment right there, that everything changes.  Two families are becoming one, and the new family, what ever their future holds, is not creating a legacy.  This legacy will live on for future generations.

This is the moment, right here… this is the moment that Kacie realized what was happening.  Shawn was on one knee before her, asking her to spend the rest of her life with him.  This is where their legacy begins.  This is the moment right here, it is everything to Shawn and Kacie, and their future family.

What I really love about this moment, is that nothing was said yet.  However, at the same time, everything is being said.  The words being spoken, or not spoken, here are those of excitement and love; of future planning and commitment.  The words to verbally follow solidify everything that was not spoken in the moments before.  That is what makes this moment incredible to me, and hopefully to Shawn and Kacie as well.

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