mad chicken studio at work

It happens every time, I go through my second shooter’s pictures and then I’m like… “wait a minute, that’s not my client…”  Lo and behold, it’s a picture of me.  Usually, I’m all, “really?! no one wants to see that!”  But this time, I thought it was pretty cool {no pun intended}.

Here is reason #8367 why my clients ROCK: They decide that they want to go in the water… ON THEIR WEDDING DAY!  So I figured the best angle to capture them is if I was in the water next to them… so that’s exactly what I did.  It was so cold and everyone was pretty much laughing at me because I was squealing like a little girl.  But when my clients joined me, it was amazing and perfect and fantastic all rolled into one.

Thank you Ashley, for capturing this moment… it is surely one to remember!