how to fake fall photos in the summer

It happens every year.  Here in Duluth, we start seeing the first glimpses of fall time in August.  Yes, I said that right, last year, I even saw a few colored leaves in JULY… yikes, am I right.  The reality of fall, is that there really is one great week of fall color, typically.  People are scouring websites to try and figure out when the peak colors will appear, and that is when they want their family photos.

Even though, this is not my favorite time of the year to photograph sessions, it is highly desirable for any type of session {I actually prefer the weeks after all of the leaves fall to the ground, and everything is that beautiful golden brown tone}, and I get it.  It is beautiful.

But the headaches of trying to figure out when the peak colors will be happening, and then trying to get on your photographer’s schedule during that time, is enough to make anyone wish for snow.  Ok, maybe not that extreme, but I’m guessing you get my point.

We are trying something new this year, to hopefully alleviate some of that stress.  Instead of painstakingly researching weather patterns, you now have some free time to get a massage, get your hair and nails done, plan the perfect outfits, etc to create the perfect faux fall look, with a summer flair, of course :).  From your session, we can edit your photos to have beautiful, warm, rich, fall tones.  No one has to know that they were taken in July.  It can be our little secret ;).

We did Savannah’s session in the middle of summer, and while her images were amazing, just the way they were… I decided to test one of her images out to fit the part a little more.  I hope you love them, because we sure do!cheap quinceanera dresses store