Fashion Friday {Transitioning Into Fall}

September is just around the corner which means fall fashions are close behind, but that doesn’t mean you should put all your summer apparel away! The Duluth temperatures are all over the place with some days reaching a high of 60’s and others a high of 70’s so transitioning into fall with your summer wardrobe is a great option for this crazy weather.

There are so many summer pieces that you can incorporate into your fall wardrobe, dresses, maxi skirts, tang tops and so on. The outfits below show two summer staples transformed into fall looks. Adding layers is key to achieving a fall look, scarves, cardigans, jackets tights and boots are a perfect way to transform any summer dress or short sleeved shirt into a awesome fall outfit. This trick can save you money especially when you don’t have extra to spend on new celebrity  clothes. It forces you to be creative with your closet and I keep telling you this is something everyone should do at one  Another great thing about wearing summer staples with fall accents is the weather this time of year is unpredictable, sometimes we wake up and get dressed and its 40 degrees but my lunch time its 65! Thank goodness for those short sleeves under your jacket or sweater!

Fall is my favorite time for fashion, I love the colors the textures and layers! layers! layers! oh… and boots and scarves and everything else that comes along with fall. I can’t wait to share fall trends, tips and tricks with you all! Capture fall