Fashion Friday { Jumpsuits}

Happy Friday Everyone!

We are officially in August and the peak of summer! Which means HOT HOT HOT HOT…HUMID oh and HOT. For those of you who don’t have air conditioning in their homes we are on the same page with summer. That’s all i’ll say about that. Moving on…

This weeks post is all about Jumpsuits! I can honestly say I never thought I would be on board with jumpsuits and rompers but I have officially changed my opinion on them after purchasing a few this summer. Now I believe this is an item that you must try on in the store before you purchase because they fit everyone differently and they are all made to fit differently. If you’ve looked at jumpers on the rack and thought ahhhh..I don’t know about this..its weird and reminds me of when I was in 2nd grade… well ┬átake the first step and try it on. Grab a few different cuts, colors and patterns so you can really see what you feel best in and what looks best on your body. There are wide, straight and skinny legged versions along with sleeveless, long sleeved and strapless.

Jumpsuits are kind of a hidden gem in the fashion world in my opinion for a few reasons. Almost all of them are extremely comfortable, they make you feel taller, when picking out an outfit you don’t have to decide on a top and bottom you have your pants and top put into one, and they have the ability to be dressed downed and also dressed up which is pretty great in my book.

Take the leap and try them! You won’t be disappointed!