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Fashion Friday {70’s Fever For Fall}

Fall is here and with it comes fall trends. This fall 70’s fever has taken over! Its everywhere you look from the

Fashion Friday {Summer Styles}

Happy Grandmas Weekend!! Emily Here! To all you running tomorrow good luck, be safe and your awesome! Me and running

the gloriously fashionable yana

Yana.  This girl has some major fashion sense going on!  She came into the studio with a SUITCASE completely full of

Fashion Friday

Emily here! The sun is shining and the apple blossoms are out! I’m sending good vibes for June to be beautiful

Fashion Friday : Remember you are the designer of your own style

We have made it through another week Duluth, and for this week’s Fashion Friday post. I’m featuring a color trend

why photography makes me sad… and a plea to stop obsessing over Photoshop

I have a legit, genuine, sincere question for everyone that is reading this.  I am only asking it because I am