asher graduates from the baby plan

When it comes to my baby planners, I am pretty luck with it comes to Asher.  His mom and dad are friends of ours, so I get to see him on a little more of a regular basis than my other babies.:)  It has been so much fun to watch him grow over the last year, but I have to admit, it was still hard to see him finish the baby plan!  I can only imagine how moms and dads feel!

One thing about Asher that is completely undeniable is just how much he looks like dad!  Right now, Asher is right on the brink of walking and he has the most adorable bottom teeth smile!  I was laughing so much at his session because, even though he didn’t mind sitting in the grass, his little feet were suspended in the air :).  Asher must have incredible balance, because he didn’t fall over once!

He loves to clap, and really starts smiling when mommy sings “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands!”  He crawls, and loves to throw the ball… he is also quite the singer.

We started his session in an outfit similar to one that dad wore when he was the same age, and can I just say that red is great color of Asher {although, let’s be honest, any color is going to be adorable on him}?  Blues and greens for his next outfit, where he gave us his best Stud Muffin face… and it was perfection!

I really adore both Asher and his family.  Thank you Glen, Audra and Asher for letting me be there to document the last year… and for the ice cream after the session:)

Feel free to clap along with Asher when you watch his video {at the bottom}… he’s kind of hard to resist 😉

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Check out how cute his video is!