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Fashion Friday : Remember you are the designer of your own style

We have made it through another week Duluth, and for this week’s Fashion Friday post. I’m featuring a color trend

why photography makes me sad… and a plea to stop obsessing over Photoshop

I have a legit, genuine, sincere question for everyone that is reading this.  I am only asking it because I am

Before and After

Its Friday! TGIF everyone.. Today’s post is all about before and after’s and the difference the right

a day off of work to celebrate

Life has been pretty great at our house the last two years, and all because of something I never expected.  I always

moment monday

You know me…. I love those little, fast fleeting, moments that would otherwise go completely unnoticed.  They are

Fashion Friday “Forget the rules. If you like it wear it!”

The great city of Duluth has officially entered spring! The grass is turning green, the trees are budding out and my